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Horror flick Annabelle is going to do what others couldn't this year: Have a strong debut, something strong for a horror flick in 2014.. but in a surprise, Gone Girl will be stronger ..

Good news for Annabelle: the film will make more than $37.2 mil strong. The movie had a strong Friday night, boosted by younger crowds and social media and YouTube trailers that were shared heavily among horror fans..

But Gone Girl will finish near $38, something that may have been helped by strong online reviews and praise..

The weekend race for the top spot ended up close. Horror was strong with ANNABELLE, and those I spoke to who saw the movie said there was a positive movie theater experience with the film..

A young crowd went to see horror Friday.. The grownups went on Saturday. Social media helped both movies ... and Sunday looked just as strong both them ...

The rebirth of movies!?
No.. maybe just a fluke.
Times are getting colder.. warm popcorn and closely sitting next to your date in a theater are looking better in October..

Incidentally, the HORROR REPORT predicted $36 mil on Friday--very close to the final numbers that the movie will have this weekend..



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