The HORROR REPORT presents some of the best reading from the website past..

Horror tales and truths from Halloween then and now..

In 2013, the HORROR REPORT mocked society's traditional Halloween parties, those that take place at dive bars and feature women attempting to get themselves to the 'whatever' sexy costume of the year retailers offer. We cautioned to be careful out there to avoid becoming the next Ben Tramer..

Speaking of sexy outfits, the HORROR REPORT lamented how soon we sexualize children around the Halloween season. I sounded prudish to some in 2012 when I first posted this. I still think, two years on, that is rings true..

Though it is always humorous to go back and see what the 'in crowd' wore any given Halloween..Twerk it.

In 2012, the HORROR REPORT was shocked by the weather more than the season.. A snowstorm was forecast for the night of Halloween. Though that did not happen, a very cold and windy Halloween did. After all, Halloween 2011 featured a snowstorm.

Weather also took center stage Halloween 2012 as superstorm SANDY impacted the east Coast.. the NWS offered horrific warnings about how to prepare your body in case you did not survive.. 

Halloween 3 is decried as the worst in the many sequels spawned by the 1978 classic hit. But the HORROR REPORT has written about a renewed appreciation for the film.  The SILVER SHAMROCK tune may be the scariest song in history..

Though it has nothing to do with Halloween, we wrote in December 2013 that we wished Christmas would keep its tradition of having ghost tales and paranormal experiences. Bumps in the night can happen all year.. Christmas can also feature fright.


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