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Turn the frown upside down: Jokers behaving badly

The strange streak of clown crimes continue worldwide..

It seemingly all started when TWISTY first appeared on American Horror Story.. since that time frame, the news has been giving us clown recaps nightly. Clowns who terrify children with axes.. others who rip apart pumpkins on front porches..

Last week we heard about France getting a fair share of freaky clown sightings and crimes..

Tonight, more information on just how bad this clown fever is getting is being revealed.. This news from France: What began in the Northern part of the country now appears to be spreading. Clowns are showing up in different parts of France, and they are spreading fear, too.. According to media reports, the clown syndrome in that country has been easily spread by Facebook posts and other social media.  

Also in France, another fake clown was given jail time only days ago.. His crime? Threatening people in full clown attire. And holding a stick that police said resembled a knife..

The French clown revolution is not only marred by vigilantes searching for those in face paint, but the clowns themselves are also accused of committing crimes.. the town of Douai seems to be ground zero in France. Last week a small girl was reportedly chased .. a student said she was threatened by a clown..  

This is how phobias are born..

While this worldwide clown fascination has unfolded, the main brunt of the trickster oddities appear to have hit France hardest.. It is so strange and bizarre that police are saying this: "Symptomatic of the impact of the Internet, this phenomenon can lead to damaging individual acts and disturbances to public order”."

The police say that the 'scary subculture' of clowns is spreading because of the net fascination..

This is all getting so weird.
So weird that there is even a statement from the World Clown Association.. something I did not even know existed until this latest streak of bizarre news..

Randy Christensen is the president elect of the World Clown Association.. he is unhappy with all of the attention media has been paying to clowns behaving badly.  Vulture interviewed him in depth. No word on whether he was in full gear ..

Christensen seems to have a big mission: Get people to stop fearing clowns.
Pop culture isn't following his lead.
Neither are violent clowns in France.
Or scary ones everywhere else..



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