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Take two: Art Bell's midnight express back?

After a day of clear tension between Art Bell and his webmaster Keith Rowland, it would appear that Friday night fights and frights have been avoided..
Bell posted this moments ago to his legion of Facebook fans:


Things appear to be a go for Jimmy Church as a Sunday night host of Coast to Coast Am, but even more, the situation between Bell and Rowland has apparently taken a better turn over the last 12 hours..

But most important the latest information in the post is the clearest and most definite annunciation of Bell's return yet, saying that Rowland's Dark Matter website will be the home for Art Bell starting in the summer of 2015, something fans have been clamoring to get in some form of a concrete and non cryptic statement..

So at press time, isn't back yet. But things seem to be shining brighter in Pahrump..

Oh the day of drama it has produced...



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