It was a normal late evening rush hour.
Cars attempting to burst out of the moving traffic jams caused by too many people leaving work at the same time..
Trucks pushing and shoving themselves into the front of the line, just to make traffic back up further..
And noise..

Voices raised on radio..So much noise.. So much clutter. The voices on the radio wildly claiming that President Obama should be impeached for amnesty.. And all the while, proponents of the President, like Nancy Pelosi, were making their own wild claims by saying the Obama plan to legalize millions of Mexicans was akin to Lincoln’s proclamation freeing the slaves..

But the sun was setting.. and those voices were being suddenly drown out by the reality in front of me.

The clutter of the day, along with the tension raising diatribes of talking heads in the air, didn’t matter.. Their sounds were gone. Instead a brilliant sunset was taking place in front of me..

The countless stresses were immediately alleviated. I was almost frozen in awe at the deep red and orange haze that was glazing the sky over.. Like a homage to the day, the sun was cleverly saying goodbye to all that was when it was shining bright.. now night was falling, the atmosphere was darkening.. but the sun’s final hoorah was complete with one final serenade.

For a moment, it was like the sky turned the color of blood red ooze..

These sunsets are synonymous with this time of year..
And then.. the sun was gone.
Tucked away behind a mountain… a cloak of darkness took its place. The faint bright outline of red still topped the hills. But the beauty of that sunset became just a fleeting moment in recent history..

And with all of the sudden, those voices still clamoring about daily headlines went up in volume.. And life was back to normal again..

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