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Where the psychopaths rule

UK Government officials considered recruiting psychopaths 'to keep order' after nuclear attack »

So if law and order breaks down, you will need people who don’t contemplate human emotions or care about feelings and pain to inflict their own brand or order to the disorder? Apparently yes.. The government must think the only ones they can have confidence in during some crises would be those who are heartless, cruel, and succinct in the style of leadership.

No moral code, no feelings for others.. and filled with logic.

Exactly what would be necessary after horrors of nuclear attacks..

I wonder what other types of crises the government would think psychopaths are good for? … and one must ask, obviously, if the government is simply creating a way for THEM to continue leading..

The future is now..
I would think the psychopath idea is very 20th century. Now it’s robots and heartless machines to rule us in the future. And maybe not just disaster or Armageddon, but every day order, too..



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