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8mm creepy: PORTRAITS OF A NIGHTMARE may cause uneasy sleeping

December is a time for happy songs and pale ales.. however, as I have written, Christmas is also  a very paranormal time of year. One way to celebrate it may be with an extraordinary new video from JILL TRACY. The video has been uploaded to YouTube, it has received links on various message boards and other websites, including BLOODY DISGUSTING.

The video itself is low key.. It is titled 'Portraits of a Nightmare' .. The music is by Jill Tracy, it is directed by Jeremy Carr.

The interesting aspect of this video is in the description: It was created by 8mm footage. It was filmed after fan support from Kickstarter allowed it to be made.. The never before seen footage featured, along with additional 8mm vintage archive shots, create an actively frightening scene. The video is not jump out of your seat scary, but instead much more subtle. And maybe even in that sense more disturbing.

The first thing it reminded me of was the footage from the movie THE RING, the black and white scenery that created the tension in the film.. But this, PORTRAITS OF A NIGHTMARE, seems more brilliant than anything of Hollywood fiction.

This short film could be considered frightening, disturbing, even erotic in some sense depending on your viewpoint on the imagery.

What I took from it was the same feeling I'd have when I awaken from a bad dream: A little confusion, a little strangeness, and a little relaxation. All thrown together..

I highly recommend viewing this during the night.. It's effect would be so much stronger..

Three cheers for a great little video ..



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