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A fumblr on Tumblr?

I have been a Tumblr blogger for about four years now, on and off.. While I have several hundred followers, I really don’t find myself finding TUMBLR to be a place for dedicated blogging or long winded posting.. The scene there is credits weird GIFs and cat memes much more than someone with a thoughtful and hardcore post about geopolitical affairs or transhumanism. Hence, NIGHT TERROR NEWS..

About a year ago, though, I found myself traveling down a suspicious road on TUMBLR.. Someone reblogged a photograph I posted of myself. It was not a selfie, but one of me alone.. I don’t do selfies.  Really, I don’t. And I will never buy a selfie stick..

Nonetheless, I was first a little flattered .. the person who reblogged it made some sort of comment about my beautiful eyes. And then in an about face, quipped about my receding hairline–I cannot convince people, but I have had this since about 6-years of age..

When I delved deeper into the reblogger’s site, I realized the person was a transsexual who literally believed I was her/his ex-boyfriend. I messaged the person a friendly ask to take down the image.. I was greeted a day later with a fiercely angry message accusing me of bigotry and hate, with the author stating the only reason I send the takedown request was because I was uncomfortable with the sexuality of the website’s owner.  In one sense, I felt uncomfortable being pictured in a posting right under that of jiggling testicles and above a woman with male parts. But the real reason was that I was just creeped out by it.. Things worked themselves out. A few days later the person’s website vanished from TUMBLR never to be found again..

But something a little similar just happened today.
Last night, I posted the photograph you can see here on NIGHT TERROR NEWS of my son sitting on Santa Claus’ lap on my personal TUMBLR account. This time, my son’s photo was reblogged by a suspicious site called ‘Dedicated Parent.’  So I figured it was one of the many parents I follow or one of those who follow me. I was wrong.. I learned that the site posts this:

downloadImages and blog posts about parenting and trying one’s best from the heart.

I found that not only was my photograph was hosted on a website that also seemed to curate and collect other private moments from various people’s TUMBLR blogs..  There are images of people breastfeeding.. private moments between parent and child..   The site does not seem to have an owner who represents himself or herself in any way.. nothing to showcase the age or interest.. And certainly no explanation as to why someone is randomly taking images from other personal TUMBLR accounts and simply reblogging them.

Of course, one can easily tell me and anyone else: Once you put something on TUMBLR, it somehow becomes not yours immediately. You can invent the best photo.. publish the most meaningful text.. and boom. Reblogged.. no credit. People simply stealing and purging, taking what they want  and leaving the source of it all lost in the dust of the Information Superhighway.

I love TUMBLR for its ease. I hate it for the creep factor..

I am also not alone. I found this site written by someone equally angry at the DedicatedParent Tumblr for doing to them what they did to me today..

So I pose the question.. is this all too creepy?
I have sincerely been thinking about quitting TUMBLR and refocusing on some other web activity in 2015 anyway.. Three websites for one person is a little too much.. I feel NIGHT TERROR NEWS and the HORROR REPORT are just enough..

I would just love some thoughts on this matter..
I wanted to do a parenting blog.. But things like this make me say no..
And DedicatedParent on Tumblr just made my quitting the blog service come be possibly coming a wee bit sooner than expected..



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