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Another civil emergency that was not

Kentucky residents were sent messages to their cell phones stating that an 'extreme alert' was being made and that there was a civil emergency.. The text sent to thousands of cell phones to people in Southern Kentucky was ominous: "Prepare for action," it said..

The only problem--maybe thankfully--is that there was no emergency at all. The Kentucky Emergency Management office said that human errors caused the machine to sent out the false alert message. Nothing at all to worry about. No zombies. No attacks.. No nuclear Armageddon.

Just a human making mistakes..

Local ABC 36 affiliate in Kentucky reports that the emergency message was sent during a period of computer testing.

The strangeness of the situation is only amplified by another incident that simultaneously occurred as the warning message was sent: The users of cell phones who got the odd alert also report hearing 'low flying' military helicopters during the alert period.. Alex Jones' INFOWARS has a summation of these incidents,  including the linking of a Facebook post where people were actively laughing, mocking, and commenting about the situation.. One user comment to the post said,
I was just walking outside the London Wal-Mart and thought I saw 9 or 10 zombies, each using a shopping cart to hold themselves up! I then went to Dairy Queen and saw 2 more that seemed to be working there. I was afraid for my life, they literally looked like characters from The Walking Dead! That's it, it must be a zombie attack.

Zombies abound..

Regardless of why or how this alert generated a scary few minutes for people getting it, it's certainly not the first time in 2014 that it happened. In October, during the TODAY SHOW segment on how to 'take charge of your laundry,' a weird emergency alert interrupted the program on television sets across America.. Thankfully no one really watches the TODAY SHOW, besides a few people forced to in car repair shops and doctors offices across America..




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