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Another day another nipple

She was once the material girl, then became the material mom. Now it's time is going on, she is nearing old age but yet still has nipples of perfection.

My only thought is that Madonna had her nipples coated with a clear plastic or her breasts were heavily touched up by Photoshop users at Interview magazine..

Nonetheless, at age 56, Madonna is make it again. Obviously that is something that we had seen before in a number of different forms and venues, but the increased age of Madonna certainly has some eyebrows raised.

While others sag there is no lag with Madonna in her Interview magazine spread. But there is a chance that other people at her age don't have the same magicians helping them look as good as her.

And now the war is on, what will take the prize as the most memed pop culture photo of the year: Kim Kardashian's dump of a lump it Madonna's sheen plastic breasts in publication?

Pop culture is so cruel to the eyes often times..

From this:


to this?IMG_2153.PNG

I certainly do have questions..!



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