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Case of the week before Christmas week Mondays

Ten days until Christmas. Yeah.. how did that happen?

A collection of news you can use and news you can do without making headlines this Monday December 15, 2014..
Read and weep:


WE ARE ALSO CLOSELY WATCHING THESE EVENTS: Montgomery County, Pennsylvania shootings leave 5 shot and a suspect now barricaded from police..  Police indicate that the shooter and suspect is a male military veteran..

A case of the glowing Monday: A water leak confirmed at Berwick nuclear plant in Pennsylvania..  About 40 minutes up river from me.. how quaint.

President Obama and CIA's Brennan have a uniquely close relationship..  An interesting read from the NEW YORK TIMES..

Holy wood: Yet another "Mary" appears in a tree as hundreds flock..

A Catholic take on something that I think we all feel during Winter: Dark nights.

White House suffers power outage..

21st Century Man: Just a soulless accomplice of machines?

Researchers have now teleported light 15 miles..the furthest length yet..

Climate change is destroying the Outer Banks..

The top oddest medical mysteries of 2014..

 <span class=meta>AP Photo/ Luca Bruno</span>
Celeb worship: Babs names Mrs. Clooney as the most fascinating of 2014

Newtown CT families sue gun maker over Sandy Hook..

The SONY hack intensifies.. now the FBI is warning about Iranian hackers..

Sony is NOT HAPPY that media outlets have reported some hacked information.. now they are calling on media outlets to delete files!

Mabe SONY is upset more at the fact that the CEO looks to have a failed vision..

JAMES BOND and SPIDER-MAN compromised by new SONY leaks..

Bill Cosby expects "black media" to stay neutral about the countless number of women accusing him of rape..

Michael Keaton on Ben Affleck's role as BATMAN: "I am Batman. I am very secure in that." 
 To my generation, maybe Mike. The newest movie goers see Christian Bale as the DARK KNIGHT. My mom and dad thought it was Adam West. But at least Keaton is secure in knowing he is a fictitious character--one he played in 1989 and 1992 mind you..

Scientist discover: Birds lost their teeth 116 million years ago.. (and thank God for that)

Share a ghost story this Christmas..




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