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Christmas Eve Eve Eve

Days before Christmas
And all through my town,
No smiles are found,
Only deep frowns .

The nation has weathered a tide of hate,
Rage and the like,
Demons left gates.

The moral compass is cracked and gone,
The heathens of hell are clever and strong.

The nation’s at war,
Bit our secrets came out,
Torture and weapons,
Now there’s no doubt.

Movies were canceled,
Due to a hack,
But that’s the least concern,
Of things in the stack.

It’s been a long year but it seems to fly by,
As the month turns, no doubt some will cry.

Because despite the ill will and moments of rage,
We are all still nostalgic for our place in this cage.

Christmas is here,
All through the land.
But we’ll never improve,
That’s the part I can’t stand.



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