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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. And still creeped out.

I recalled watching the original DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARED years ago. Heck , with how fast time moves, it seems like ages .. but it was 2011 (prior to the birth of my son, so it does actually feel like a whole other time period.)

The video was created after a kickstarter campaign helped Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling bring it to life.. While the original video has aged now, it was brought back into focus this weekend when Clyde Lewis posted a message on his Facebook page saying that he was speaking to someone who told him that the DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARED series is being used for MK ULTRA mind control. He asked readers to simply say what they thought after watching .. 

Reaction was mixed--some said that people were taking the video too seriously.. Others were simply freaked out by the imagery and music. A few remarked that the video was social commentary on the education system--how educators always tell children to be creative but then attack them for doing so.

The video, from 2011, is posted here:

Some interesting notes to mention on this whole entire subject.

Theories have been around for some time, this is not the first time someone has asked what the true nature of the short video is .. and even more, entire websites are devoted to in depth studies over the commentary presented in the DON'T HUG ME series..

And if you thought the video's allure would have been confined to only 2011 or the years since, you're wrong. More DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARED videos are on the way.. In May 2014, Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling announced that they would begin a kickstarter campaign to make four more episodes of the show. The third episode was just released in October of 2014, it features one character called Shrignold teaching another called The Yellow Guy about love..

But to go deeper into what Clyde Lewis posted, the mystery behind the meaning of the video is answered, a bit at least, by the makers. Sloan said this when asked about the project in an interview with YES YOU CAN:
We decided to create something psychedelic to compliment Tame Impala’s music. We had the idea to create an abstract journey set during the split second when two people’s eyes meet for the first time. As we wanted it to be set inside someone’s head, we looked at a lot of MRI brain scans for inspiration, as well as looped animations by artists such as Al Jarnow.

Pelling followed up with this,
We wanted to create something unique looking, and had never really worked with plasticine before. Our aim was to focus on using it in a new way, avoiding the obvious Wallace & Gromit approach. The good thing about plasticine is the fact you can smudge, mix and even melt it into certain shapes. This creates a very acid-y, psychedelic look without using loads of digital effects

However that answers few mysteries, but it certainly does confirm to a degree that a partial goal of the filmmakers was to present something with hidden messages and a constant weird flow of  creepy and disturbing images.  It does not go into much detail thought of meaning.. A Google search, though, will reveal countless websites that cover topics.. One I found was written by Chris Gibson on a hubpages site, where he explained in good detail some of the meanings he was seeing in the film. The date of June 19th shows up a lot. Gibson wrote this on that topic,
This is a tough one. There aren't very many clues to this other than the date and the content of the videos themselves. The only real theory I have comes from typing the date into Wikipedia and searching year by year to try and find something that corresponded. The only event that seems to be related at all is the establishment of the FCC on June 19th 1934, or in other words, The Communications Act of 1934. The organization created are the people who dictate what is okay to watch on TV.

More mysteries.. What struck me was this.. The original video--from 2011--and subsequent, made heavy references to June 19. The Kickstarter campaign to make new videos that was announced years after the first video, was fully funded in 2014. On June 19.
June 19th.
That date..again. Perhaps the reality of that creeped me out, even more so than the actual video ..

Even religious folk have debated the movie.. A forum on a Catholic themed website in October debated the topic...

Mind control?
Forced creepiness?

One comment on the official DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARED Facebook page made me ponder if an MK ULTRA message abounds.. It said only this on Christmas Eve,
these videos god as witness describe my brain
i do listen to the voices in my brain

You can be the judge. But I dare you to only watch the video one time. But I challenge you to not watch it too many..

But green is not a creative color.



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