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Forget chemtrails. Welcome Gauzetrails

Get your tin foil hat tightly secured before you see this..

CBS 5 in Arizona is reporting a must see story:


This story surfaced around the middle of November.. The story captured the eyes of conspiracy sites and others immediately.. To KPHO's credit, they did a follow up on the article and they reported this only days ago: The mysterious fibers falling from military jets were just 'gauze' ... The woman who sought answers got her questions resolved by the forensics team that concluded the weird spider web substance was just a mixture of mixture of wheat, gluten, flour and bacitracin, an antibiotic..

Of course, any logical personal may wonder why military jets are dropping this from the sky..

Besides 'why' it is being dropped from military planes, does this not perhaps fill in some gaps for those who doubt chemtrails are even real? Could this not add to the arsenal of those who argue that they see airliners filling the skies with clouds all of the time?

The subject of Chemtrails is a surprisingly divisive issue among the masses. But what is surprising to me is that even when some hear that the sky has been falling, they still deny the possibility of it to begin with..



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