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Fortean TIMES website goes offline today

The website for the popular British publication FORTEAN TIMES is

The HORROR REPORT has been reading this publication and a fan since we entered onto the Internet scene over 12 years ago.

But now that website is in trouble..

According to information being posted on the FORTEAN TIMES Facebook page, owner of the site Dennis Communications (* is closing down the website!

Fortean Times typically updated daily with quick news bits and other weird headlines. But that has not occurred since November 20, causing speculation as to why the news outage on the site was happening.

Just days ago, the Facebook page posted a message alluding to the seemingly strange silence:
Apologies for the lack of news updates in the last couple of weeks. We are currently unable to access the FT website as Dennis Publishing are overhauling it. Hopefully back soon....

But even odder was the thought that someone who was able to operate and update a website wasn't able to obtain access to it..

Them came this message posted only 17 minutes ago at the time the HORROR REPORT posts this:
Yes, the daily news dearth continues.

We have not been able to access the FT website for some time to update it.

Latest is that, sadly, the old website is being closed down by Dennis Publishing today - so visit it while you still can.

Obviously, this is not exactly good news, but we are told that at least the message boards/forums are being kept and migrated over to a new FT subscriptions site, so at least all board users should still be able to carry on as normal.

Meanwhile, we have been frantically trying to archive much of the content of the FT site so it is not lost and can hopefully be reposted somewhere at some point in the future.

We still won't have any way of accessing the new FT subs site until next year, it seems, so you'll just have to bear with us for now.

And don't forget that our special Christmas issue is out tomorrow, which should help keep you all going!

The British monthly magazine is devoted to providing information and news articles on the bizarre and strange, or the fortean. The magazine has also had a number of publishers during its time of life through present. The most recent, Dennis Publishing Ltd, took over in 2005.  The roots of the magazine--and name--can be traced to Charles Fort. People who know anything much about paranormal know who Charles Fort is: He was the American writer about anomalous phenomena ..

Dennis Publishing boasts an arsenal of the print world on its website. It's brands are voluminous.  But why shudder a website that has been a friend of users for years?

These secrets lay somewhere on Cleveland Street in London today.
Meanwhile, a screen cap of the final day of WWW.FORTEANTIMES.COM is here:



The HORROR REPORT has contacted both Fortean Times and Dennis Publishing and will follow up in the case of any more information becoming available..




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