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Peace ..

This is a scene of peace.. My uncle Andy at his homestead somewhere around the time of 1984 in the doomed town of Centralia PA..

He didn't live much longer after this photo was taken..

I stumbled across this picture. A family member of mine posted it in a Centralia Facebook group.. Initially when I saw it I was haunted by the image.. But then at peace and filled with humble nostalgia for a simpler time..

There is something purely peaceful about a man in his comfort zone.. He's home, with a grapevine growing out of view of the camera and a yard for his dogs to roam free.. He was home.

Are any of us home anymore? If we are we are on phones or eating up every bit of Wifi we can.. We are quickly running through life on a fast paced mission to no where..

But my uncle, in this photo, was home.
At peace..

I long to go back to the days when I felt at home, too.



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