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Pennywise's new dance

In case you haven't heard, the clown who haunted your 1990s nightmares is about to get a redo. Stephen King's IT, the book and then subsequent made for TEE VEE movie, is going to a cinematic release.. (For better or worse) ..

In an interview with VULTURE, producer Dan Lin dropped this news: Cary Fukunaga will be will direct the film..

Lin told VULTURE,
Cary likes to develop things for a while, and we’ve been with this for about three or four years, so we’re super excited that he stayed with it. You guys are gonna be really excited

People indeed are excited but also apprehensive.

downloadLet me be honest.. I have fond memories of being 12 years old and watching IT on television.. I even recall my sister making me get all of my homework done in her apartment one night before IT came on, because were would watch it. IT may have been the movie that made me start liking horror.. And for a kid to see a movie about kids being the heroes--kids who admittedly all had major mental and health issues and had parents who didn't give a flying piece of excrement about them--was inspiring. IT was 'it'... So to hear a remake is coming, it just gives me that overall feeling of 'groan' that I get when I hear about other remakes.

But a study of Fukunaga's background could give hope. He's a young director, born in 1977--he was young when IT was on television to, I presume he was one of those excited people like me who watched the miniseries before reading the novel. He should be honored and humbled at the same time to not only take up the mission of directing this movie, but also moving forward knowing that Stephen King 'gave the blessing' on the project to begin with..

When the STAR WARS trailer was released a few days back, I was a bit unimpressed overall.. the main thing I keep trying to grasp: What villain can replace Darth Vader for this new century?

I ask the same thing about IT: What clown can replace Tim Curry's memorable role as Pennywise the Dancing Clown? Perhaps the best solution: Just ask Tim Curry to reprise the role all over again..? If not him, perhaps then the other rumored name: Michael Shannon?


Beep beep Richie.



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