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Plane vanishing act

It would seem unlikely that an unlikely event would take place two times in one year.. but that has occurred.. It's been months since flight MH 370 vanished without a trace or evidence of debris, and now another flight may be added to the list of strange airline disasters of 2014.

This is what is known this far about the newest and weirdest air disaster..

The Airbus A320-200 disappeared at approximately 2320 GMT while en route from Surabaya in Indonesia's east Java to Singapore.
Shortly before it vanished from the radar screens, the pilot had asked air traffic controllers to ascend by 6,000 feet to 38,000 feet to avoid severe thunderstorms.

Indonesia has deployed seven aircraft, four navy ships and six boats from the search and rescue agency...

The search has been called off at this time due to darkness and bad weather..

We so know there were at least 18 children on board his fought including an infant..

While loci would say the worst has occurred, families are still holding out hope for a miracle..

The scenes I wailing families are similar to the aftermath of flight 370's vanishing act..

As could be expected, this mystery is also being intensified by online rumors, including one that has even reported on several sites that a family member got a text message saying the people are board were safe and that the plane landed..

Even more, there were early reports on official aviation websites that the plane landed in Singapore hours before the reports surfaced of the plane going missing..

We are following this story and attempting to not report every rumor we come across.. But the oddities surrounding this plane going missing seem to be the same as flight 370..

Until more develops, the misery of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 will persist..



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