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Post holidays blues and news

My coffee cup is aside of me, it's 5:30 am and I am awake and wondering where in the hell the entire weekend has gone.. Four days off, and a fifth was included because of the snowstorm prior to Thanksgiving. And now, all that is just rubble.. even the turkey and stuffing is gone..  The highways nearest to my home are buzzing this morning.. while I took Mutley the dog for an early stroll, I heard every type of vehicle echoing through the morning air..

The only other thing more depressing than the end of a holiday may be the news of the day. Which is presented right here..
For what makes you sad this morning: Pick your poison..


The news:

After a long holiday weekend of eating as much grunge as the body can devour, you may want to consider fasting. Science now suggests that it has a ton of health benefits, including warding off diabetes, heart ailments, and even Alzheimer's .. 

Half of the people who die in hospitals die of sepsis..  Even part time host of Coast to Coast George Knapp ended up with this, and it nearly did him in as well..

The great boom: The HORROR REPORT has covered weird earth noises and booms for several years now.. the most recent--and hugely newsworthy--took place in England. A mystery bang hit the UK from London to Glasgow this past weekend.. With the large noise came rattled windows and nerves.. Some suggested sonic air craft from Russia, others thought it was routine military exercises.. Pets were spooked as well, according to the story. Earlier in the week, a boom was heard in Manchester but nothing was found to say what exactly it was.. So what is it? What are all of these noises striking across the planet? Linda Moulton Howe's website presents some even more eerie information about the UK booms: On the same day they were happening in the UK, they were also occurring in New York State in Buffalo.  My theory has long been changes in the core of the planet Earth.. But the booms are getting increasingly louder, don't you think?

There is one theory being pushed as the reasons why New York and Britain are hearing such loud booms lately: A pulse detonation engine from a stealth jet from the secert Aurora project.  At this point, any theory seems to have a likely possibility of being real..

Fear for Christmas: UK media sources are blasting readers with this bit of information today: Al Qaeda plans to blow up airliners in a Christmas attack.. There will be fear for Christmas this year.

The ISIS job just isn't for everyone: One Indian student who volunteered to join ISIS has gone back home, disillusioned because all the killer group had him do was clean toilets.  Jihadists excrete, too. Someone's got to clean it.

People now believe that ISIS is launching attacks from inside Turkey.
 Incidentally, this is exactly where Pope Francis just finished a state visit. Why does it seem that Pope Francis always leaves a nation in more turmoil than it was in when he got there?
While in Turkey: The Pope demands an end to ISIS attacks..
...But FAILS to find common ground in Turkey..

An upcoming show GHOST INSIDE MY CHILD will feature a four-year-old boy in Virginia claiming to be a reincarnated Marine.. the boy's name is Andrew Lucas. He believes he was a US Marine Sgt Val Lewis who died in the bombing explosion on October 23 1983 in Beirut. But DISCOVERY worked hard to discount the story in their article of the upcoming show..

Last week during the riots after the Darren Wilson grand jury decision was announced in Ferguson, a man was found dead and burned.. That night, there were various rumors online that chose not to publish, simply because it was wild speculation .. but now there are some more sources who are reporting on the alleged involvement the dead man had with the grand jury .. 20-year-old DeAndre Joshua, widely reported as the first casualty of the Ferguson riots, was also a probable grand jury witness.. 

VICE has an interesting article running on the Pentagon's SKYNET, long talked about but seldom understood. Vice reports about how it will automate war in the future. But it doesn't stop there.

STAR MARS WARS: You certainly don't this everyday.. a Retired Marine has publicly stated that for the past 17 years, he has been battling aliens n Mars. Even more earth shattering is this claim: His retirement ceremony of 20 years took place on the moon! And Donald Rumsfeld attended.. Of course, our alien hunter is not giving his real name..

Death toll from Ebola nears 7000 in West Africa.. I suppose for the American media, the only deaths that matter are not of the West African descent?
But good news: Mali is now Ebola free..

A very unique gift for Christmas 2014: A company will transform your child's artwork into a stuffed animal..

St Louis Rams players cause controversy after their Michael Brown tribute during entrance to Sunday game..

Ferguson activists call for nationwide walkout from school and work at 1pm..

Body of Missing OSU Player Kosta Karageorge Found, Police Say
Body of Ohio State player found dead in dumpster. 

Scientists discover invisible shield blocking Earth from 'killer electrons'
Scientists discover 'invisible shield' blocking the earth from killer electrons.. 

Magnitude 4.7 quake shakes Arizona..


THE DAILY BEAST offers up some commentary on the horror film BABADOOK. Like others they proclaim how great the film is.. they even label it as the most sincere and best horror movie of 2014..

USA TODAY: Horror gets artsy.

Another review: BABADOOK is a rare triumph in the horror genre..

Last night, the WALKING DEAD midseason finale satisfied..

SCARE FOR ANGELINA JOLIE: Tires explode in a car crash after skidding in the rain as she returned home from UNBROKEN screening..

Shia LaBeouf's art collaborators back his rape claims..

No thaw: DISNEY working on FROZEN 2..

Susan Boyle finds her first boyfriend at 53..

John Boyega's face unexpectedly pops into view, dripping in sweat and looking decidedly concerned. Oh, and he's also clad in Stormtrooper get-up.
22-year-old actor Josh Boyega hits back at racism after his face briefly appears in STAR WARS trailer..
...The "Black Stormtrooper" hits back: "get used to it"


As always, more updates and stories will be forthcoming on the HORROR REPORT. Stay tuned..
Until then, Happy December 1.



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