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PRAYERS FOR THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS: Typhoon Hagupit now striking

Typhoon Hagupit will cause destruction as it slams into the Philippine islands--the main island is  being affected already as the storm begins to hit land..

Wind and rain has already triggered a small landslide in Eastern Samar.. Provinces are expected to further lose power as the monster storm drives itself inland..

This is a NASA flyover from December 6--note the enormous eyewall and vast amount of oceanic real estate that the storm takes up..

The Philippines has been through other massive typhoons this season.. While the nation is simply prone to such activity due to its location, these storms of 2014 have been frightening.

Now, with this new massive system churning its way onto land, over a half a million people have desperately fled and have taken shelter..

They are pouring into churches, schools, and other makeshift safe houses. The evacuation that has just occurred in response to the Hagupit has been one of the biggest in peacetime.. While war itself may not have caused the massive people movement, what is about to happen may be as frightening as a battle. Winds will howl and rains will deluge.. The world just prays that those houses of God and 'safety' are truly safe during what is about to occur in that nation.

For perspective, this storm--also being called 'Ruby' in the homeland it will hit--will be the equivalent of a large and powerful Category 4 hurricane in North American language. ACCUWEATHER is calling for one particular part of the nation to face catastrophic dangers:

THE HORROR REPORT will continue to follow the storm..

It would be suggested that you follow these news links should you want to see radar and other information about Hagupit:



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