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Sony suspends filming. And lots of other sordid truths now streaming out after hack attack »

This is huge..
The news is being submitted to the masses by THE TIMES in the UK.. The reason, so the story goes, is because all of the hacking implications have now led SONY unable to process payments..

There are some other bits of news that join this headline about Sony today, including the news that Angelina Jolie cannot attend an UNBROKEN premiere because she has developed Chicken Pox!..

The brutal hack attack is doing a lot more hurt to credibility of not only SONY but other power players too.. Like Maureen Dowd, who according to leaked documents now being seen promised to show her column to Amy Pascal’s husband before publication.. Perhaps no ethical boundary was crossed, though? Dowd denies she did this. Sure the documents show she was going to, but now Maureen is in damage control..

With all of this information now becoming public—and more and more every day—SONY employees just got a message on their computers. From the hackers! According to an article appearing in THE WRAP, a new warning message was sent to computers.. the article dubbed it ‘ominous’. Several staffers who got the message, the WRAP says, felt disturbed after reading it..

Just to think back for a bit. This entire news cycle of hacking mania began when the Guardians of Peace delivered movies not released yet to the public after their hack job.. It wasn’t until days later that more of the drips and drabs of info was spilled. Racist emails between execs.. Dowd’s denials.. most of SONY pictures computers now offline to the point where payments cannot be processed. Social security numbers released. Families of employees getting threatening messages..  All because of THE INTERVIEW?
North Korea?
Still so many unanswered questions..

And investors have just got to be watching this.

I have asked many times over since this story developed that, if North Korea is linked and proof is evident that the nation state was behind the hack job and subsequent further hackings and warnings, then what? Is this an act of war? Cyber war is how the future’s games are going to be played.. does America respond? Did we already?

Clandestine efforts may be made in the aftermath of the PR and criminal disaster now hitting SONY.
But follow up responses may not matter when payments aren’t made, the talent cast trust the employers, and the public sees the true secrets of Tinseltown’s most ugly players.

This SONY hack attack has more implications than anyone could have imagined last month. Then it made a blip on the evening news.. A few movies released by hackers.

Today… so much more is happening. So much more of cyber war..

I have a feeling we are only seeing the opening credits in this long movie.



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