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The missing plane, an update

First full day of search for AirAsia jet #QZ8501: Object in sea NOT the missing jet »

History is repeating itself. It feels just like the spring of 2014 when Flight 370 went missing. Reports of it landing, then it didn’t.. reports of families getting text messages, and then the media saying it’s just delusions of the grieving.. reports of the government finding wreckage, and then yielding nothing.

This is the stuff conspiracy theorists salivate over. And why wouldn’t they? The notion of the same thing happening two times in one year, and being almost exact in a mystery is breathtaking. Also the aftermath is even more alarming, with the same rumor mill pumping and the tough part of separating fact from fiction.

We simply know this: Another jet has been ‘lost’ and there are no signs, traces, or hints of the wreckage anywhere.

Along with the loss of the jet, 162 people including 17 children and 1 infant are most likely gone from this earthly existence..

A bad year for aviation indeed.
Or one of completely mystery that one day will be explained by future events..



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