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The Monday after.. 360 days left until Christmas!

It's over.. It's time to relax. Put away the Christmas decorations, or if you're like several of my neighbors just wait until the big thaw in July. Or heck, even leave them up for a bit longer and before you know it the rest of the town will join you.

There is something strange to me about the post Christmas blues.. even though stores are busy and lively, people are returning their items purchased. And the Christmas music that still plays in the mall is a little insulting to the senses.. it's like beating a dead horse, the song has played itself out. The fire has burned .. the light is growing dim..

For every child, the countdown now begins until school returns to session. Until then, the solid week of vacation is on.  It goes fast, though..

And during adulthood, life starts again earlier. As though it never stopped..

Now the scales will be busy with people who forgot to count calories, or those who had a few too many spirits. The new years resolutions will begin, with outlandish prophecies from people about how their personal lives will make an abrupt turnaround in 2015.. By the second week of January, the fat will stop burning and the money will start spending.  Perhaps a daily affirmation would be better than a yearly resolution?

So that was Christmas.. and what have we done?
Another year over.. A new one just begun.

It all reminds me of the second video of the DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARED series, maybe because I was recently reminded of how freaky it was. The video is called TIME. And don't tell me it doesn't scare the hell out of you, too..

But as time would have it, there's only 360 days left until Christmas. And the frightening reality exists: Christmas 2015 will be here before we know it and we'll do all the same things again..



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