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The safety net of the future?


The fundamental theory behind this new social idea:
Unconditional Basic Income.

The UBI is a monthly monetary income granted every month, unconditionally, by a political community to each of its members from birth. Depending on the nation, in Europe and the U.S. it would probably be $2,500 per adult and $1,500 per child. It must secure a minimum livelihood and enable a participation in society. It is unconditional because it constitutes a human, civil and legal right and shall be provided without proof of need and without obligation to work, search for work, or performing any services in return. Yes, you’re being paid to live, work and participate as you please.

Some may immediately decry this as a socialist experiment on crack.. But there’s something to be said for one point of this: I often wonder about the future, especially about jobs.. as they dry and whither, does this UBI become more possible?

Does time may it almost necessary to feed and clothe a population that has succumbed to the machine and lost out to the monotony that only robots can perform well?

Would this promote a new age of art and literature, perhaps people leaving jobs they hate and filling their newfound safety net with good things. Just very good things?

Or does all of this get wrecked with the lack of monetary value?

I have a suspicious mind about UBI .. but I also have a belief that if we do not address the reorganization taking place within our economy, the vast majority of people who are going to lose their jobs in the next ten due to technology and progress are going to be in a very bad spot.

But the 1% will still be fine..



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