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The stock dumps conspiracy theories are made of

The AirAsia flight vanishing act is going to be just as controversial and weird as the Malaysian jetliner from earlier in 2014.. and adding to that: Stock options and a CEO dumping all of his days before an AirAsia plane disappeared..

This is how the story got started.. On December 26—before flight QZ8501 fell somewhere to the earth—it was reported that AirAsia CEO Tony Ferdandes dumped over 944,000 shares of stock..

Then it gets weirder (as it so often does when you deal with reality) .. A report has been spreading online concerning a mysterious and unnamed Chinese blogger who apparently warned to avoid AirAsia flights, warning that upcoming planes would be targeted by ‘powerful’ forces..

Then the AirAsia flight vanishes. We are told that bad weather forced an abrupt turnaround. It fell off the radar.. 162 people were on board..

This after an AirAsia magazine said that one of its flights would ‘never get lost’ .. 

In the aftermath of the flight loss, AirAsia stock is being hit hard..  it has dropped the most since 2011.

The loss of the light is forcing the media to look at Tony Fernandes.. the spotlight is now on the CEO.The Financial Express is reporting some in depth information on him, including his ability to play drums and keyboards and come up with provocative advertising that used misogynist references.. But the publication didn’t mention the stock dump that happened days earlier.

And based off of the whole event some news media sources are actually reporting some conspiracy theories making the rounds… Such as the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES .. included with the IBT report are the facts about the stock dump..

While we are being told that the plane is probably ‘at the bottom of the sea,’  there are still some strange occurrences worth exploring..  Such as this: Reports that a relative of one of the people on board the plane received a text message that the plane landed and all were safe.. Also this: Official websites reported the missing flight having landed in Singaporebefore reports were broadcast to the world that it went missing.

So with that all said and linked for your digestive tracts to attempt to endure, it is fair to say nothing will stop conspiracy theories now.

Not even a CEO who can play keyboard and bang the drum..



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