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The year the devil took over?

I was reading a wonderful story from JPOST today, it was an opinion column written by Naomi Ragen.. she opens her article with a word about the hit 1970s movie THE OMEN and how she was watching it a few days back.. Ragen explained how the audience watching THE OMEN knew a bit more than the actors, and how we understood the devil was at play while they did not. Ragen said,
In The Omen 3: Final Conflict, the screenwriters are tasked with imagining what the world would look like if the Devil gained control.

As I read the newspapers every day, it seems to me we are seeing exactly that.

Her point is taken.

She writes,
The slaughter of 132 Pakistani schoolchildren and their teachers. The latest Boko Haram atrocity in kidnapping a whole village of women and girls. The admission of an Islamic State fighter that he personally murdered 150 women and girls who refused to be raped and “married” off to a murderer. The harvesting of organs for the black market by Islamic State from prisoners and their own fighters. The bloody, senseless butchery in a Har Nof synagogue. The “revenge” murder of two New York policemen in cold blood following a chorus of political and social incitement from politicians and “race pimps,” as actor James Woods so aptly called Reverend Al Sharpton

I think this paragraph says it best--the rest of her article delves deep into political and religious themes which you could read yourself.

I only promote this column because, if you have read the HORROR REPORT throughout the year, you'll know that I often have written the gates of hell were open. Ever since SIRI announced it on iPhones in 2013, it seemed to take place. Even Joe Biden spoke of it in a speech.. It was the devil's year.

If there is a devil.

And with the evil on the planet, how could there not be..

One of the most horrific parts of the tragedies which have befallen the world seemingly have been taking place against children. They are not being spared, with beheadings affecting them in territory that ISIS now covers, and the mass school shooting in Pakistan that made America's famed school murders look like child's play, no pun intended.

This world was filled with grief in 2014.. countless nightmares before Christmas.. Pain and suffering across the planet.

Naomi Ragen finished her opinion piece like this,
The consequences of the wrong choices by our generation are truly beyond the wildest imagination of even the most skillful horror movie screenwriters.

Maybe 2015 will bring a comedy. Or a drama.. or just a good old fashioned action flick.
Or maybe a continuation of horror.. playing out in nightly news accounts endlessly..




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