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The year of the goat and sheep. And ram. Expect the horns


No, that's not a famous song line, you're thinking of the year of the cat..

This is the year of the goat--or at least will be in February when the Chinese new year ends the horse we have been living through and gives us a brand new theme with a brand new animal.. The goat..

I am about tired of the recycling of 2014 at this point.. the memories, the years in review. Sure, even I promulgated a year in review, but in my opinion did it early enough to let it exist without forcing it down anyone's throat.

The ball has since dropped. Ryan Seacrest has since cleaned off at least some guyliner, and Taylor Swift hopefully put on some pants.. It's 2015..

But as we enter into the goat's time period under Saturn, it's fair to take a quick look as to what it may or may not mean..

The sheep, or goat is among the calmest of animals in tradition.
This year has been called the year of the sheep.. it's the year of the goat. And even more, in 2015, the Chinese ani…

Out with the new. In with the old.

The rituals begin anew..
Fireworks around the world.. celebrations. Bars packed with amateurs attempting to recreate the perfect scene from a movie that never really was real to begin with.. And Times Square. That beautiful little piece of concrete island where a million people sway together, sing together, kiss each other, and desperately try to find a working toilet or corner alley to relieve themselves of their holiday cups of cheer..

It's New Years Eve..
And we don't have Dick Clarke to kick around anymore.. Ryan Seacrest will due. He's not 'out' at this time but certainly has solidified himself in becoming the face that my three year old will see one day when he is 21 years of age and hopefully--hopefully! making smart decisions with his body in bars..

We will have to ensure Taylor Swift, undoubtedly. She is the flame of the year--he flame is bright and she's mopping up each last second of fame and TIME magazine covers.

That is how 2014 was.. it was a year of t…

The year ends with a fireball

A massive evening fireball was reported by over 300 people from Montreal to Delaware last night around 6:35, with some reporting flames, others comparing it to fireworks, and at least person catching it on a dash cam.
This ends a dramatic year of fireballs and pink stars falling, a reference the HORROR REPORT made on several occasions comparing the strange fall of space debris with the CBS show UNDER THE DOME..

Harrisburg PA radio show host from WHP580 Ken Matthews saw it too and spoke about it on his program Tuesday at 3pm, saying it was one of the brightest fireballs he'd ever witnessed..

That adds to the other reports. The American Meteor Society said it has received more than 500 reports of a bright fireball just after 6:30 p.m.

Video here..

The final scene

What is a year?
A passage of time.
From sidewalks of earth
To the sublime.

A path not taken,
A memento of space,
It's been a rough year.
Let's make haste .

So here's to the cheer
And a drink from the well,
Welcome '15,
Please don't bring with you hell.


There have been a lot of folks ‘down’ on New Years lately—people are taking the approach that staying in is better than going out. And I completely get that. The notion of sharing a night with amateurs who pronounce Filet Mignon as “fill it mig nun” isn’t too appealing.

However, take a peek back in time .. MASHABLE put together a nifty set of photos that showcases new years in Times Square since the 1930s..

From shirts and ties, tuxedos and top hats, to the more modern attire at the affair, just being a part of Times Square in New York is cool. Sure there may be no place to urinate, except the street you’re standing.. and yes it’s cold and you get hungry.. and of course on TEE VEE you can see Ryan Seacrest up close, but he is wearing too much makeup anyway.

Being apart of New York on New Years is being a part of history, raising the glass to times gone and singing Auld Lang Syne to a new time, one that hopefully brings with it good moments and profits of the wallet and spirit.

Do what you…


For some, the best thing about New years is the Twilight Zone marathon on SYFY, a long standing tradition that goes back to when the network was even called SCI FI..

And now a complete listing of time and title of the shows during the upcoming marathon..

Dec 31

08:00 AM

The Twilight Zone

The Old Man In The Cave

Dec 31

08:30 AM

The Twilight Zone

Caesar And Me

Dec 31

09:00 AM

The Twilight Zone

The Last Flight

Dec 31

09:30 AM

The Twilight Zone

The Little People

Dec 31

10:00 AM

The Twilight Zone

Third From The Sun

Dec 31

10:30 AM

The Twilight Zone

Long Live Walter Jameson

Dec 31

11:00 AM

The Twilight Zone

A Piano In The House

Dec 31

11:30 AM

The Twilight Zone

Perchance To Dream

Dec 31

12:00 PM

The Twilight Zone

A Most Unusual Camera

Dec 31

12:30 PM

The Twilight Zone

The Arrival

Dec 31

01:00 PM

The Twilight Zone

A Thing About Machines

Dec 31

01:30 PM

The Twilight Zone

And When The Sky Was Opened

Dec 31

02:00 PM

The Twilight Zone

I Shot An Arrow Into The Air

Dec 31

02:30 PM

The Twilight Zone

Nick Of Time

Dec 31

03:00 PM

The Twilight Zone

Night Of The…

Format Change: Michael Savage becomes a 'life coach' in 2015

Michael Savage takes on new broadcast role: Life coach and ‘wise father’ »
“I’ll continue to talk about the news when we need to talk about it. Next year, though, I’m moving into diverse lifestyle topics as well,” says Michael Savage, who is heard nationwide by about 7 million listeners. “I used to have a segment on the program, when I played ‘Dr. Savage,’ and callers asked me for help with problems in their everyday lives. Next year, we’re bringing that back. You can call in to me and, I’ll be your life coach.”
Michael Savage is changing things .. The fiery talk show host who many hate is changing his style.. the conservative host said he will continue to talk about news when needed, but his 2015 format will be featuring a “wise father” attempt at giving advice and life coaching..

Even more, Savage said that he will also have “unprotected talk”—unscreen open lined, a-la-Art Bell..

Even more, Savage has coined the term ‘unprotected talk’ and copyrighted it for its protection..

It’s hard to…

The stock dumps conspiracy theories are made of

The AirAsia flight vanishing act is going to be just as controversial and weird as the Malaysian jetliner from earlier in 2014.. and adding to that: Stock options and a CEO dumping all of his days before an AirAsia plane disappeared..

This is how the story got started.. On December 26—before flight QZ8501 fell somewhere to the earth—it was reported that AirAsia CEO Tony Ferdandes dumped over 944,000 shares of stock..

Then it gets weirder (as it so often does when you deal with reality) .. A report has been spreading online concerning a mysterious and unnamed Chinese blogger who apparently warned to avoid AirAsia flights, warning that upcoming planes would be targeted by ‘powerful’ forces..

Then the AirAsia flight vanishes. We are told that bad weather forced an abrupt turnaround. It fell off the radar.. 162 people were on board..

This after an AirAsia magazine said that one of its flights would ‘never get lost’ .. 

In the aftermath of the flight loss, AirAsia stock is being hit hard..  it …

The missing plane, an update

First full day of search for AirAsia jet #QZ8501: Object in sea NOT the missing jet »
Indonesia air traffic control lost contact with Air Asia flight QZ8501 bound for Singapore from the Indonesian city of Surabaya on Sunday morning.
History is repeating itself. It feels just like the spring of 2014 when Flight 370 went missing. Reports of it landing, then it didn’t.. reports of families getting text messages, and then the media saying it’s just delusions of the grieving.. reports of the government finding wreckage, and then yielding nothing.

This is the stuff conspiracy theorists salivate over. And why wouldn’t they? The notion of the same thing happening two times in one year, and being almost exact in a mystery is breathtaking. Also the aftermath is even more alarming, with the same rumor mill pumping and the tough part of separating fact from fiction.

We simply know this: Another jet has been ‘lost’ and there are no signs, traces, or hints of the wreckage anywhere.

Along with the loss o…

The Monday after.. 360 days left until Christmas!

It's over.. It's time to relax. Put away the Christmas decorations, or if you're like several of my neighbors just wait until the big thaw in July. Or heck, even leave them up for a bit longer and before you know it the rest of the town will join you.

There is something strange to me about the post Christmas blues.. even though stores are busy and lively, people are returning their items purchased. And the Christmas music that still plays in the mall is a little insulting to the senses.. it's like beating a dead horse, the song has played itself out. The fire has burned .. the light is growing dim..

For every child, the countdown now begins until school returns to session. Until then, the solid week of vacation is on.  It goes fast, though..

And during adulthood, life starts again earlier. As though it never stopped..

Now the scales will be busy with people who forgot to count calories, or those who had a few too many spirits. The new years resolutions will begin, with out…

Plane vanishing act

It would seem unlikely that an unlikely event would take place two times in one year.. but that has occurred.. It's been months since flight MH 370 vanished without a trace or evidence of debris, and now another flight may be added to the list of strange airline disasters of 2014.

This is what is known this far about the newest and weirdest air disaster..

The Airbus A320-200 disappeared at approximately 2320 GMT while en route from Surabaya in Indonesia's east Java to Singapore.
Shortly before it vanished from the radar screens, the pilot had asked air traffic controllers to ascend by 6,000 feet to 38,000 feet to avoid severe thunderstorms.

Indonesia has deployed seven aircraft, four navy ships and six boats from the search and rescue agency...

The search has been called off at this time due to darkness and bad weather..

We so know there were at least 18 children on board his fought including an infant..

While loci would say the worst has occurred, families are still holding out ho…


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