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Saturday morning cartoons


Bizarre coverage on CNN of the Paris terror attack leads to this: Anderson Cooper has to correct colleague Chris Cuomo after Cuomo describes one of the terrorists as “AFRICAN AMERICAN”!

For the first time since World War I, a Synagogue is closed on Shabbat in Paris..

A screen grab from a video released by Boko Haram, showing its leader Abubakar Shekau delivering a speech - 31 October 2014
Update on the Boko Haram extermination: A town has been hit..
 And hit hard.. as reported yesterday, some say hundreds are dead but other experts are standing by their number of 2,000 dead. Can you just contemplate that for a second? In our modern world–the 21st century–we are still seeing murderous maniacs kills .. and their success rate is getting better by the murder.. Amnesty International is calling this the deadliest in Haram’s history..

News from Venezuela .. shoppers throng grocery stores under the protection of the military..
note the news media reports “under the protection” of the military. That connotes a good feeling, doesn’t it? That the military is allowing people to safely get food.. But consider the real truth: There are massive food shortages that has forced the government to actually put food distribution UNDER THE CONTROL of the military, assuring that people will only receive the small rations the military deems is necessary.. there are long lines in many places, and people still cannot get the basic goods they need to live.  And why the food shortages?  Collapsing oil prices and 60+ percent inflation rates.

Anonymous now declares war no terrorist websites. 

The not so good news about the Friday jobs report: Private sector good. Government jobs? Bad.. Government employment is down and may go further down–the recession is hitting the public sector much later than everyone else.

The next thing to fear: Chaos predicted as we add another second to the clock in the summer.. But hey, at least it won’t be cold and snowy when all technology and power system fail, right?

John Jonchuck Jr. is shown in his booking photo after

Father if six sacrifices child to ‘gain magical powers’..

Consider this: DRONE parenting on the rise.. Move over baby monitors.. drones are coming in for the landing on your baby’s crib. And while some may fear such change and, as so often said, claim it will be a ‘mark of the beast,’ I say good! technology that can keep tabs on a baby’s heart and pulse while they rest and you can comfortably count no a drone to keep tabs..? that’s not bad. And not for one second do I believe that it will eliminate any human emotion or interaction with a child, it will only compliment those nervous parents (like me) who constantly want to make sure their child is okay. Three cheers for technology. There will be so many good things that come with it. Oh, and the mark of the beast, as well..

More good technology: Light bulbs that will help your house catch thieves..

The time bomb waiting to go off? Ground sinking below Iceland volcano by up to a foot a day!

Earthquakes are increasing in North America.. As are weird booms and blasts. In Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio, and Oklahoma.. These weird rumbles have occurred in various places for years. But suddenly they are all seemingly happening in a number of states at the same time–incidentally, the booms are coming all from states that allow underground fracking..

A Bill Murray movie that went unseen for 30 years just got a showing in the night owl hours on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIE..
 It is called NOTHING LASTS FOREVER .. AND YES, it even included “Larry Bud Melman” of 1980s David Letterman fame..

AOL/TIME WARNER deal 15 years later. It is still considered the worst deal of the century..



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