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SHAKING. RATTLING. ROLLING. Linda Moulton Howe is thankfully on the case of why the entire country seems to be booming and shaking

More shaking being reported in Rhode Island.. And Connecticut gets its 9TH EARTHQUAKE in just days.. It still feels to me like an inactive fault line has come alive to provide a new generation lots of shaking in a place not equipped to handle it. If a number of fault lines along the East Coast spring to life, buildings have not been made to withstand constant trembles..

We, and many others, have reported oddities all over the world for quite some time: The booms, rattles, shakes that people around the United States and the world have been reported. Linda Moulton Howe has been one of the prime reporters on the scene talking about this, including during appearances on Coast to Coast AM for her monthly segment.. On January 10, radio host Josh Tolley had Howe on his program to talk about the major upsurge of booms and bangs across the planet just in 2015 so far.. You can listen to the 30 minute YOUTUBE video here..


Perhaps the one incident from Howe that most made me startled was a report of a man touching the foundation of his house and feeling it actually shake while the metallic grinding noise was occurring..

CLYDE LEWIS also had a program last night dedicated to the strange booms and noises taking place around the globe..

Scientists are unable to explain what is causing the booms and shakes around the nation..

There are mysterious booms in Oklahoma.. and earthquakes, too..




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