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THE GREAT BUST OF 2015! The blizzard fizzle..

The storm, though large for some, failed to live up to the predictions some said..

The Weather Channel went wall-to-wall on coverage for the storm they called Juno.. other networks had their reporters out ready with yardsticks..but each time they did a live report, the snow was vacant and the streets were covered in a simple slushy mess..

Parts of Long Island had a long duration wind storm, and Boston seemed to be the hardest hit of the big cities when speaking of snow totals.. But 6000+ flights later, you sure wonder if the threat was big or if the hype simply took over ..

After all, forecasters have to pick now from dozens of computer models where as, in those ancient days of the 20th century, they’d get guidance from a model and forecast it themselves.

There was science then. Now there’s computer runs… The runs tell the tale correctly: There was a storm on a certain date. They can pinpoint patterns and systems.. but forecasters need to begin doing their jobs again and picking a model for guidance and coming up with their own story.. One forecaster even Tweeted an apology to policy makers in big cities over the forecast being so wrong.
While the major metropolitan areas–with people well-stocked with bread, milk, and liquor–were spared, the real blizzard will take place but not in the big cities.. Maine and Nova Scotia will be getting hit hard.. But will the media care? Will they report? Will they decide?

The bust was a gust,
But hype they must!
Fear gets ratings.
And empty store shelves..
Stock boys must be hating.



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