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Hillary got rid of half her emails & used one account for convenience »

While I don’t propose that as a definite, I only bring it up as a possibility..

What if.. what if.. Hillary and Bill thought this whole thing up? Triangulate, slowly drip out the news that Hillary may —cue the music— had a private email system on her personal server.. What if Bill and Hill figured to own this, they release it.. get bombarded, embattled.. and create Hillary as the Teflon woman, the iron lady of the United States.. the comeback kid of the 21st century..

I got this thought today during the theater of Hillary Clinton’s press conference.. she downplayed her scandal. And her first questioner—one that noticeably was chosen by a media handler—asked  Hill basically, if a man did what she did, would people care? And Hillary handled it with ease, a smile, and a knowing ‘thank you’ without stating it.

She won today—I know lots of people say she didn’t.. But she won.

In one sense, people like the notion of Hillary because, face it, it’s going to get fun again. Politics will be theater again, good theater.. MEET THE PRESS may actually become a must watch again..

I could be completely wrong about this theory, maybe absolutely wrong.

But as the email slow drip starts, if we see very positive emails of a commander possible Commander In Chief directing situations with ease, then my theory will become more than just a theory..

Yes indeed.
90s style.



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