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For weeks, Art Bell has been telling fans on BELLGAB that a contract to return to the air was forthcoming. Today he posted a brief sort-of announcement on site here:
Ok, we have a contract but as expected there are some things in there that require some re-wording and one item that would be a deal breaker if left as is. We also have possibly another way to go if
need be.

Because we are at a sensitive part of all this you may not hear from me till we come to some conclusion on Monday or we hope no later then Tuesday (my estimates)

I did have a email exchange with Dave which he started and which will reamain private, even the exchange itself should have remained private, oh well.


Bell's comment referring to 'Dave' is about a George Noory hosted open lines Coast to Coast AM last night. A caller asked if Bell was returning to Coast, Noory responded no, but elaborated that an email exchange, or several of them, has recently taken place between the two hosts. Noory wouldn't say anything else regarding the conversation, but the buzz of it lit up the BELLGAB exchange today. Bell seemingly thinks the conversation between them should have stayed private--even the fact they had one.

The HORROR REPORT will follow this story as it develops and relay any pertinent information as it becomes available..




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