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George Noory investigates

With the thrilling day of high drama at BELLGAB, Sunday night just won't end quietly.. Hours ago, Bellgab redirected to George Noory's COASTTOCOASTAM.COM, but tonight Noory himself is posting messages on the site that was hacked earlier.. Minus the 'crown' avatar, Noory stuck with the koala bear. He wrote,
Rest assured folks we were just as baffled as you and were conducting an investigation to see if my site had any unusual activity its bizarre

He additionally addressed the concern by some that he was threatening a 'war' with Bell's fans.. Noory wrote,
Not war with bellgab lol I meant were are about ready for war in the middleast yetpeople were concerned about my avatar

In the spirit of the increasingly tense verbal battle as the July 20th MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT premiere, Art Bell wrote,
Hey George, when your done with your investigation perhaps you can help out with the St Louis PD internal probe.

Bell added,
Dave's actions are getting worse and his excuses for them much worse.

The whirlwind of a Sunday with the FTP nightmare facing MV at Bellgab may have ended. But showcasing how popular the site has become, it is yet again the epicenter evidencing differences between both camps of fans.

It indeed was a strange day. To borrow a term from Coast's host, 'bizarre.'

But the clear loser of a day? A guy from Pittsburgh who had a planned interview with George Noory sidelined by fate.

In the words of Graham Hess in SIGNS: Everybody in this family needs to just calm down and eat some fruit or something..



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