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The April fools abound

The April Fool’s Joke needs to stop

I am happy April fool’s day is almost. Since childhood, I hated the day. The fake humor.. the not so clever jokes.. the phony nonsense that people think is laughable but instead it just an annoyance..

But recently, really with the internet, I avoid news in general on April fools. Because everyone wants to get into this act of outdoing each other.. real news agencies report false stories, for fun.. Real outlets of information think they are being more clever than the next guy..

Instead, things like this can happen: Shareholders can get very angry.

I love humor. When it’s funny.
I like jokes, when they are meaningful..
I really like comedy. When it is done right.

The people who don’t do it right are the ones who incessantly try to do it on April Fools.. a day that just should go away for good.

And that is why I love the sarcastic humor of this video:



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