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The end of the 20th Century STAR WARS in a trailer for the new one

DARTH VADER's mask and Luke Skywalker's voice appear in new STAR WARS trailer..

As does a symbolic few moments of mentions of STAR WARS of yesteryear..

Harrison Ford and Chewbacca appear, too.

The only thought I have: If the best they have is celebrating a movie from the 1970s, this is not a movie this generation needs..

Unless of course this film simply is transitioning to the next realm of star wars entertainment..  One review of the STAR WARS trailer: "Literally sobbing at my computer"

I think they will have a transitional movie.. It will have people say goodbye to the STARS WARS they loved (not the newer ones with JAR JAR but the real ones) and then present a new age of STAR WARS for this generation. But first the old folks need to be completely ok with saying bye to HANS and Luke And Leia..

The question to me is this: Will this be good without Lucas? And I say yes. Because Lucas gave us the not so good modern STAR WARS movies. I think the notion was fine, but in creation flopped. At least to me.

This new trailer is getting lots of fair attention today.
And most likely more will as they are released...




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