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Six Walmarts closing all at the same time in different cities. For six months.

And 'plumbing issues' were blamed..

Employees given no warnings.. shelves were completely stocked. Just five hours notice was given at a California location..

And as you can imagine, countless conspiracy theories are abounding all across the Internet..
This video summarizes things quite well:

This is a little creepy if I saw so myself..

A few news articles, mostly local, are picking this story up at this point.
One article posted on Tulsa's CHANNEL 8 about how the closing has come as a surprise.. they sum it up this way:

The Walmart on Admiral and Memorial Drive closed for repairs Monday night. Tuesday afternoon, customers were still trying to get in.
The message about the repairs may not have made it to all the customers, but for employees like Dane Humphreys, it was loud and clear.
"There are a lot of things that don't seem right to me," said Humphreys.

No it does not seem right.



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