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The ride begins

Art Bell's MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT begins in July. But the tension is already building before the online live podcast debut.

Nights ago, Coast to Coast AM host George Noory used the famous coined Bell term 'wanna take a ride.' It did not go unnoticed by the users of BELLGAB, who pounded on Noory's attempt to borrow the term--whether knowingly or unknowingly. Bell himself chimed in with a fiery Facebook post slamming Noory for the use of the statement.

The comment, in total,
My goodness, it has come to my attention that George Noory has started to use my signature line, Wanna take a Ride? It is just desperate and pathetic. Every time you hear him say that please remember July 20th when Midnight in the Desert starts. I would steal some of his lines, but that would be Petty Theft.

Art Bell

The comment was quickly liked by hundreds of fans.
The ride is going bust on Coast.
The real attraction begins again on July 20, 2015.


  1. George Noory was handed a treasure on a silver platter in the form of C2CAM..and just look at how he has turned this once venerable show into a right wing conspiracy nut festival. From racist guests claiming Obama was really born in Kenya and is a secret economists claiming the worst is yet to come..listening to C2CAM today is an exercise in futility. I can't for Art's return!

  2. From the comments and emails I get, this seems to be the biggest problem people have with the show..
    Clearly GN has also showcased Alex Jones and other political people.


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