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Some news of the weekend

Six Baltimore police charged with homicide.. For now, this decision has quelled the anger and seemingly united a city .. Thepolice union calls for Prosecutor to step aside..

The Pope has developed a habit of often phoning people who write him letters.One man, not convinced Francis was the real deal, hung up on his twice..

Russia conducted nuclear bomber flight NEAR ALASKA..

Dog infects a HUMAN with plague for the first time..

Wildfire near CHERNOBYL! “Everything is safe” they say..

The amazing brain: How we learn quickly..

Site of the deadliest Native American massacre in Idaho revealed..

The story of the Enfield Poltergeist: It plagued a house in North London..  I am also amazed with how often paranormal stories are beginning to be seen in modern mainstream media. The barrier has been broken. Sex sells. So do UFOs and ghosts.

3D printing to boom by 2020.. Everything you buy and know will change in only a matter of years..

Megan Fox brings the 1999 school girl look back..

Casey Jones’ look revealed for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2..

David Letterman’s final month.. President Obama to make an appearance.. 

The end of an era: The MDA telethon is over..



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