May your day be filled with pumpkins and joy.

Sunshine and warmth..

It's the season of the witch. Life can be a bitch.
So sit back and enjoy the show.
October is the best month of the year. Single handedly the best month of the year.
So get out.

And enjoy the show.

My family and I enjoyed a few shows this weekend, a covered bridge festival at the greatest park in the world, Knoebels, and a fall foliage festival in one of the best towns in the world, Jim Thorpe..

Enjoyed it. My wife and son did as well.
It was a great moment in time, coupled with sunny skies and fire-colored leaves.

I wish moments like these could last forever.. stay forever.. never go and never whither..

But whither they will. As will the leaves.
Cold winds will blow.

Until they do, I am going to enjoy each and every moment I can.

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