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Drama drama drama.. As the desert turns

Drama drama drama.. As the desert turns

Such drama with the Art Bell show, all of the time.

It started with this:

It followed with Leo Ashcroft leaving the program and the network over whatever disagreements exist behind the scenes.. then the former newscaster went on Facebook to complain he wasn’t paid and lots of other things about Bell.

Then Bell said this,

The truth is Leo made lots of money. The real deal was he got paid by the commercial’s that ran in his newscast and it was a lot. On top of that he got 1% of total ad revenue which was about to be raised to 2 % but he quit because he said he could not get along with Keith. After I told the exact truth at the start of the show last night he now hates me I see. The guy is in total meltdown mode. I feel sorry for him. As for the offer he said he got from Coast, that was told first to Amy because he wanted to take her along with him but she refused. He also told Heather about it both on the phone and In print (which she has) and finally he told me as well. I am still not sure if it was real or he just made it up as a bluff, either way it’s bad. I was not going to say a word on the Friday show even as stressed out as I was about the situation but he started posting crazy stuff on his FB site asking people to email me or call in on open lines so I felt I had no choice as the messages started to roll in.


Then someone posted this on BELLGAB:


The ‘then’ is still being written.

As the cactus turns.



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