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Initial reports: No major damage, deaths from Patricia

Initial reports: No major damage, deaths from Patricia:



It wouold appear that despite the fact Patricia was the strongest storm for a time on the planet earth ni history, her devastation may not of been as widespread as some feared..


Reporting from USA TODAY:

MONTERREY, Mexico — Early reports on the aftermath of Hurricane Patricia — one of the biggest storms to ever make landfall — were cautiously optimistic: No deaths reported and no signs of major damage along Mexico’s Pacific seaboard.

TV stations in Mexico broadcast news on Hurricane Patricia throughout the night, showing bright-red satellite images of the monster storm’s landfall on the Pacific Coast and its slow trudge northeast and interviews with residents and officials near the impacted area.

Landslides and flash floods were reported, but the mass evacuations that occurred prior to the hurricane’s landing appeared to have worked in saving lives. There were no deaths initially reported or major infrastructure damage, according to early TV reports. Residents from Colima to Puerto Vallarta heeded the warnings and evacuated out of dangerous areas or stayed indoors.

Whatever they did worked well. It would seem.

And whatever storm punch that was packed appears not to have been as deadly as feared. As quickly as the storm strengthened, it just as rapidly decreased in intensity.

It will now, however, be a dramatic rain storm for Texas..



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