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Is that candy or Ecstasy? Halloween warnings spook parents

Is that candy or Ecstasy? Halloween warnings spook parents:

It’s the scare of our time!

It will not be razor blades in apples–kids don’t eat them anymore.. not it’s ecstasy in the candy..


Parents across the country may have been spooked by warnings spread through social media in recent days, raising fears that Ecstasy tablets could be mistaken for brightly colored Halloween candy – potentially putting children at risk.

Police in Jackson, Mississippi, posted about it on their Facebook page, and the warning went viral.

“If your kids get these for Halloween candy, they ARE NOT CANDY,” the post said. “They are the new shapes of Ecstasy and can kill kids through overdoses!!!”

But don’t panic.

This is yet another baseless fear for Halloween–one spread by rumor and now helped by social networking.

It twas always thus and always thus shall be.

I can see the scares of the future: There may be nanotechnology in your Butterfinger.



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