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Now could be a fun time to visit the DESTINATION AMERICA Facebook page..

The amount of comments on various threads about last night’s botched live EXORCISM tells the story.. there is anger, “lols” .. all of the rest. Read away and enjoy this Halloween day:

I still can’t believe in my right mind that the station billed this for a year, plugged it hardcore for months, and for the past 2 weeks, we were even greeted with religious folk who came and said beware watching the show live because you too can conjure demons. Was anything conjured? Anything more than advertisements each and every 5 minutes? It was unabashedly ridiculous.. and I will stop giving it air time on this website now, too.

DESTINATION AMERICA: LIVE EXORCISM. Now joined in the Geraldo Rivero LIVE TOMB UNVEILING annals of broadcast botches..



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