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Some people have inflatable monsters that annoy neighbors for seasonal decor.. others showcase brutal scenes of torture and death and get worldwide news attention. Such is the case at two venues in the United States, one in Ohio and one in New Jersey. Both have attracted worldwide media, a UK DAILY MAIL pictorial, and days worth of attention on the Drudge Report.

The front yard of a house in Butler New Jersey features an 'anti-ISIS' Halloween theme. Complete with blood, gore, images of torture, and the President with a bloody machete.. From the DAILY MAIL report,

A family in New Jersey have upset some in the community of Butler for decorating their home with what they say is an 'anti-ISIS' theme, using a hanging mannequin representing a United States soldier and a terrorist standing nearby wearing a mask of President Obama and brandishing a machete.

Behind the scene is a depiction of Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kasaesbeh in a cage. He was horrifically burned alive by ISIS after being captured following the shooting down of his jet fighter earlier this year.

And yes there are pictures:

Too much?: This front yard in Butler, New Jersey, is using Halloween to take a stand against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and it's upsetting the community 

The most intense part of the gruesome display is what appears to be a US soldier, wrapped in an American flag, hanging from the front tree with a plastic bag around the head 

Not to be outdone!!
In comes Ohio with more dramatic blood.

Again from the DAILY MAIL:

A front yard in Ohio is upsetting just as many for the gruesome fake corpses strewn all over. 

Even though Halloween is more than three weeks away, the yard - in Parma - already contains a cocooned corpse hanging from a tree, a body impaled on a stake and a cadaver upside down on a cross.

Undoubtedly Halloween is the time for scares and horror... other worldly ambitions, too.
But tacky, tacky tacky is the only way to describe the scenes of macabre murder in front yards.

Gone too far?
Or just art being art. Freedom of expression indeed. But should you self-regulate your senses before dropping scenery like this?

There's stories like this every year.
And every town has one of "those neighbors."




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