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The Boogeyman is Coming

The grinning man.

The Slender man.

The hat man as well.

The shadow man.

The grinning man.

Omul Negru.

The black eyed children.

The men in black.

And for heaven’s sake we can’t forget..

The Rake.

Tis the spirit to pick your beast,

Tis the moment to have a feast.

It’s the time to hide your fear,

It’s the time to hold faith near.

The night’s darkness creeps in tight,

The light’s victory is in plight.

The season’s lust is for your soul,

All reason falters at death’s toll.

A faltering foe of the hat man fights,

But it’s too dark to light the night.

A grinning figure stands alone,

Creating a chill in your heart and home.

The shadow creatures fill your room,

The black eyed children outside loom.

Omul Negru and the rake,

Will take be more frightful than a snake.

They’ll fill your night with rage and hell,

They’ll creep in your bed despite your yells.

They’ll laugh in silence at your sight,

Your only hope is to close eyes tight.

And in the morning, if you wake,

Forgetting threats of the Rake,

You’ll wonder if all that was real.

And take up religious zeal.

You’ll question reality at every turn,

And find faith to in your heart burn.

Because when the nights get longer now,

You’ll see your fate when creatures prowl.



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