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krampus-poster-388x600The movie is finally coming.. the legend of KRAMPUS on big screens just in time for Christmas 2015..

The legend is mighty indeed.

The KRAMPUS trailer:


While this film may bring a new subject matter to a number of horror genre fans, others of us have known of the stories for quite some time. Perhaps even since our own childhood.

In Catholic grade school, we had a custom I never questioned as a child.. we would put our shoes outside of the classroom in the hallway. We had to stay in our rooms. When we heard a bell ring, we checked afterwards to see what was in our shoes.. It was candy, which signified a visit from Santa was in the offing. We were always warned that coal would be much worse. We were not told by the Ukraniun nuns that it would have meant Krampus would visit. Also, we were not told but eventually figured out that the 'bell' ringer was actually the janitor of the school.


The Krampus legend is frightening.. People today still celebrate it with massive marches and parties..

The HORROR REPORT has had some good tales of Krampus on this site over the past few years..

Links below may be good background to get yourself prepared for the demon of Christmas..

Every Holiday Has  Demon

Scary ghost stories of Christmases long long ago

Keeping the creepy in Christmas

Ghost stories on Christmas Eve

x x x

I got an email a few days back asking if we will tone down paranormal news with Halloween ending.
And now Thanksgiving is gone, too.

The paranormal will actually increase.

Christmas by nature is a very paranormal time.. And we will respond accordingly.

As done for years, we will keep the creepy in Christmas.




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