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Another Art Bell incident last night forced the cancellation of his show last night (AND NOW TONIGHT -- UPDATED)

From Art Bell on Facebook, explaining why a repeat of the program unexpectedly greeted listeners waiting to hear a live show:

This is seriously out of control..

Another Art Bell incident last night forced the cancellation of the show.. This is getting Otto extreme when you consider it..
This is seriously out of control..

The host has gone through countless threats as of late, both on and off the air. The most famous of which was when live gun rounds were fired on him during a program, as he repeatedly was forced to stop talking and play musical interludes of disco hits..

Only moments ago, Bell announced this on Facebook:
Ok, here is what will happen next, I will not be on Tonight for a couple of reasons. I am sore in parts of my body that I didn't even know could be sore. Also I have a contractor coming to put up giant honking lights to cover the problem area. I will be back on Friday body willing.

The post has already attracted hundreds of likes and commentary about where to get the type of lights Bell would need to be able to see in the darkness of the desert.. A few joked, 'ya old fart,' while others expressed a desire for Bell to safely return to the air as soon as possible.

I did some previous reporting on this matter and as a result was actually contacted by a reporter for a Pahrump news service. I did not see any actual follow up, despite the reporter telling me that he interviewed Bell directly about the series of events.





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