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A poster on Facebook released the third police report filed by now FORMER talk show host Art Bell this past week.. Bell himself went on Facebook and copied and pasted the report in total.. from that post:
Thank you whoever posted this, it is the third of (3) reports given. It's hard to believe I even have to post this, in a prior one a witness saw a Man firing rounds at or near my studio on a dead end street!

Nye County Sheriff's Office
17 mins ·


On 12/09/2015 at approximately 2006 NCSO Dispatch received a 911 call from the wife of Art Bell reporting that he was out walking on the property and he had called her from his cell phone to tell her someone had shot at him and then he stopped responding.

NCSO Deputies responded and checked the area. Art Bell was located laying on the ground of his property with no injuries. He reported to responding deputies that he was not sure if the noise he heard was a firework or gunshot.

Deputies did a thorough check of the area and located no one and also did not locate any evidence of gunshots. Deputies maintained extra patrol in the area over the remainder of the week however nothing was discovered. At this point the investigation is closed unless further information is discovered.


It would appear, according to the report and press release, that the investigation is closed. It also seems to compile data showcasing the hectic and frantic scene that developed when, as Bell said, shots or fireworks were heard near or on his property as he was walking to the location of his show broadcasting location juxtapose to his house in Pahrump, NV..

Several people online, in various places, have expressed doubt in the Bell story, decrying his final quit as a staged attempt to either get ratings or utilize the situation to quit the program. Bell has taken on critics, both on Facebook and on Bellgab. He even called into the Friday MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT program hosted by Heather Wade to explain why he suddenly quit.

In an earlier message today, Bell stated that when asked about whether he'd come back if the alleged shooter was caught: " People ask if they catch this person would I come back? Perhaps I would if I was sure it was stopped. There are people saying I made all this up to leave, in what Universe does that make sense? I love what I do."

But even if a return *(again)* was possible, the major stations who picked up the show have already started to bail. Along with that most likely is a steady stream of people quitting the time traveler club.





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