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While some would perceive anarchy behind the scenes at the Dark Matter Radio Network in light of Art Bell's sudden and unexpected departure Friday, Keith Rowland is putting a professional voice to the chaos. The brains behind the paranormal radio network that has grown in popularity online--with help from MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT and Richard C. Hoagland alike--put out an official statement on to explain the future plans. At least the immediate future.


Rowland explains,
I will run Midnight in the Desert w/Heather Wade on the Dark Matter Digital Network for the next 30 days minimum. She will start in Art’s same time slot for Monday and Tuesday…

However, seeing as I’m obligated to continue feeding the terrestrial affiliate stations for the next 30 days, I’ll need to feed either Heather’s live show or replays of Art Bell’s archives, (which ever they determine the best for them yet to be decided). If I need to feed the Art Bell replays to them at 9-12, Art’s time slot,  I will have Heather do MITD from 6-9 pm PT LIVE to insure she gets to do shows for you also. If the radio stations are fine with Heather filling in for Art, we’ll keep her at 9-12 PT.

And this,
Her shows will be added to the same Time Travelers archive as Art’s shows, so your current subscription will have Art’s old shows and these new ones. It’s up to you to continue to support the show with Heather by keeping your existing subscription or signing up again for the Time Travelers subscription, now at $4.99. After 30 days, we all will evaluate the financial situation of whether we can continue. I hope the subscriber base will maintain the show. We will do our part in reducing the costs.

Heather Wade, Art Bell's producer as of Friday morning and full time MIDNIGHT host as of the night, is expected to return Monday with a program in the wake of his quitting.

The HORROR REPORT has been covering the situation as it developed. Those new to it may find helpful information in the annals of archives on this website. 

There has been rampant speculation on whether the OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT host Hoagland would continue. On that note, Rowland writes,
As for Richard C Hoagland’s OSOM program,  again, it’s all about finances. RCH and I need to re-evaluate our financial model and hope to come to some resolution to continue running his show on DMDN. Stay tuned for updates on this matter. He could be back on Monday night! You can still show your support by Joining Club 19.5.

Rowland went on to give a very personal note to fans and listeners, saying "As hard as I tried, with over two years in building the network, none of the other programs I carried were able to earn any advertising dollars to support the cost of playing the shows, let alone justify my time in producing the shows live. I had to be present in the studio during all live shows in order to connect and bring them on, monitor the sound, play the breaks, record the show and edit the replay audio files. This time took away from my day and had no financial benefit. But I did it because Art’s show was subsidizing the cost. With the leaving of Art Bell, it doesn’t seem financially viable to continue spending hours a day doing this. So I regret to not being able to produce LIVE versions of these programs after this week."  Rowland says, "I need to have those 4 hours of day back."

Rowland spoke briefly at the end of his post regarding Art Bell's vanishing act, writing,
It is sad that incidents have taken our Art Bell away from us again…. The challenge of bringing Art back was intense and satisfying. But the Dark Matter Digital Network was created and maintained for his return. Now that he is gone… the situation will be fluid and could quickly change.  But I’m willing to get this a shot, if you are. I will update this post as I have more information.

Whether fans are willing to give Wade a shot is something only time travelers--the real ones--will know now.

As the HORROR REPORT has previously reported, major stations have either dropped or are considering dropping the MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT program from their programming schedules. Only a week ago, a giant powerful Texas station picked up Bell. Three days later he stopped doing shows and two after that he quit. Even if the slightest chance exists that a change of mind will occur, it would appear fans have already made their minds up that this is the final time. A much smaller squadron of people are calling for Bell to change his mind. The larger majority this go around appear to either be thanking him for one last round of shows, or criticizing him for his reaction to the alleged shooting occurrences on or near his property since November.


The entire backbone of the entire operation has been Keith Rowland. Those who have heavily followed the past few years' worth of goodbyes and comebacks know of previous tension between Art Bell and Rowland over Jimmy Church and other internal matters at the Dark Matter Radio Network. However as time went on, the strength of programming and the signal increased in popularity and ratings.

Rowland is potentially one of the hardest workers to the cause of good programming. It was evident in what he built, despite a number of armchair critics who could not do the same themselves.

Even more, Rowland has been put into a difficult spot: Allegiance for years to a host who has not quit again vs a future of his radio network he took years to build.

Wade enters.
30 days later?
Time will tell who exits.





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