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'The 100' Showrunner Apologizes for Character Death

'The 100' Showrunner Apologizes for Character Death:

The LGBT community went mad when a main character–a gay character at that–on the show was killed off in dramatic fashion. 

The part that was perhaps most unbelievable was how 

Jason Rothenberg and others billed the show as a must watch on social media, persuading people to halt their plans and tune into the program for a special episode. When they did, they saw 

Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), the lesbian commander of the Grounders and the love interest of main character Clarke (Eliza Taylor), was killed by a stray bullet meant for Clarke..

He broke his silence on a MEDIUM story..

And the fan reaction–even on the Medium article–continue to be harsh..

The WRAP reports,

Rothenberg retreated into silence on social media in the days and weeks following the episode, while a large sector of the show’s LGBT fanbase channeled their anger and social media power into collecting more than $45,000 — and counting — for the anti-discrimination Trevor Project. Rothenberg also defended his story choices, saying, “The things that divide us as global citizens today don’t matter in this show. And that’s the beauty of science-fiction. We can make a point without preaching. We can say that race, sexuality, gender and disability should not divide us. We can elevate our thinking and take you on a helluva ride at the same time.” 

If nothing else, this displays the risks for people using social media to advance something.. especially if that something is going to make a lot of people very very angry..

Socially media at your own social risk…



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